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  • I really don't like that guy

    We Begin our adventure in the quaint little town of Mos Eisley. Ok I lied, it's not little and certainly is not quaint. Our heroes are scattered across town and do not know each other. They will meet all to soon.

  • Acamar Darkwalker

    Inspector Acamar Darkwalker Human Male Home Planet: Classified Imperial Naval officer Rank: Classified Personality Profile: Classified Current Assignment: Highly Classified

  • 8-UM9

    Chief engineer ISS Aluminum Hawk-Bat Bought used from Jawas on Tatooine snide and insulting fancies itself a comedian often tells jokes at inappropriate times

  • Cham'tala

    Member Rebel Alliance Rank Recruiter / Classified Assigned to Tatooine Home Planet Ryloth All family members killed by Imperials during bombardment of home city. Cham'tala was away attending School and was on Hyper-Comm talking with his family for …

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